Friday, September 27, 2013

Selling your Pearson?

I just received an email from William H Shaw, Jr with New England Yacht Partners. If you're looking for a broker to sell your Pearson you probably couldn't find anyone more knowledgeable on all things Pearson.

"If you find any owners looking to sell their 422's I would be pleased to help them.  As these boats are difficult to come by, I would be delighted to have one in my listing base.  And, as you can see by name, I know these boats very well.  I like your owners site very much and my late father would be happy to know that his variant of this  design is still desired by today's cruising yachtsmen. It would be something to find the old tooling an reproduce these venerable beauties using modern day boat building materials and techniques."

You can contact Bill at or 401-252-1231

1 comment:

  1. Our kids will have to sell our's! We love it and live on it full time!
    Best boat ever!!
    Patrick & Darnell Aguillard
    "Island Dream"
    Hull #3